Fall For Rockford 2019

And just like that we wrap up another year, the second annual to be exact, of Fall For Rockford.

Muscadine Bloodline performs at Fall For Rockford 2019.
Muscadine Bloodline performs at Fall For Rockford 2019.

Okay so maybe it wasn’t the best weather and that drastically affected the number of people who came out but we still think it was fun. However, the low attendance did give us a challenge when it came to getting some good shots. Obviously, as a photographer/videographer, you want to make it look like there was a huge crowd to portray the event as a fun one. So what did we do? Well we’re still working on the video so you’ll have to come back to see that in a few days, but as you’ll see in the pictures, we played with the angles and compressed a lot of them

Faren Rachels on stage at Fall For Rockford 2019.
Faren Rachels on stage at Fall For Rockford 2019.

Not only did the rain scare away the huge audience, but it made shooting footage almost impossible at times. We spent a lot of time on stage with the band, getting side shots and close-ups. By the way, these types of shots look much looker with a huge crowd in front of the band (see last years pictures). However, we didn’t want our pictures to all be from the same few angles. So we ended up running out into the rain to get some shots from the front with the crowd in the forefront of the composition, and then running back and wiping our camera and lens. Now this is risky, we could’ve easily damaged our gear but we took the risk to the deliver quality photo and video to our client, the River District Association.

Scruffy Pearls lead singer at Fall For Rockford 2019.
Scruffy Pearls lead singer at Fall For Rockford 2019.

All in all, we had fun shooting the event and think we got some amazing footage. Again, we thank the RDA for trusting us to capture their event and deliver quality work. Also, we’d like to congratulate all the bands for amazing performances and for being so cool to share the stage with. Find them online and listen to their music. And last but not least, make sure to check out the full gallery of pictures on our photos page.

Nature photography at Rock Cut

What’s better than beautiful weather on a Sunday? Yesterday we spent almost four hours at Rock Cut State Park in northern Illinois just walking around and enjoying all that mother nature has to offer. Of course, our cameras go wherever we go so we were able to capture some amazing shots, some which even surprised us.

Yellow bird sits on dead, colorless flower. Photo by Miralem Botic of KB Digital.

The day started out gloomy in the morning so we figured it would be perfect for a hike, with the nice breeze keeping us cool. Well that quickly changed! By mid noon, the sun was out in full force and the humidity started to kick in. While photographers usually try to avoid the sun for portrait sessions, nature looks much better with the bright colors and high contrast that the sun provides. For this reason, we stuck to capturing just nature and the environments around us – which there was plenty of. One shot that we captured and that absolutely blew us away was a bee pollinating a plant and you can actually see the yellow pollen shoot out of the flower. We tried looking up images online and even looked through National Geographic and could not find anything like this. In photography, timing is everything!

Bee pollinating a flower. Photo by Miralem Botic of KB Digital.

One thing all these photos have in common is the color palette. Green, yellow and white seems to cover mother nature during the summer days (even though it’s September, it’s still technically summer). Before we took these pictures, we did not intend for all these pictures to fit the same color blocks but that’s just how things worked out. One very ironic fact is we are terrified of bees, but managed to get not one but two extreme close-ups of them. Once again the green and the yellow colors pop so much in these photos, we love it.

Bee sits on a bright yellow flower. Photo by Miralem Botic of KB Digital.

While there was a lot of butterflies flying around, one of them caught our attention. A pure white one, almost metallic looking, landed on the grass right in front of us. Now this might not be the most interesting photo, we still decided to share it just because it makes us happy.

All white butterfly on yellow flower. Photo by Miralem Botic of KB Digital.

This summer has been a very humid and sticky one so we haven’t been out as much as we wanted to at the beginning of the season. But then again, we’ve been quite busy with projects so we haven’t had as much free time. Fall is just around the corner and we are beyond excited to start doing fall shoots including nature and portraits.

Thank you to tagging along with us for our nature outing. We hope you enjoyed these few pictures… and feel free to contact us to book you fall portrait sessions.

Real estate walk-through videos

Selling a house, whether privately or through a realtor, is always very competitive. Every realtor and Facebook page has images, so how do you make your listing stand out? With video!

Think about it, for the past 3 years you’ve been hearing that “video is king” when it comes to digital content. So why have you not made the move yet? Your competition is doing it!

What else does video show that pictures just can’t accomplish? Relativity! With our full walk-through videos, your audience is able to tell where each room is in relationship to the other rooms in the house. This pretty much gives the viewer a detailed layout of the home which could also mean less in-person showings on your part, leaving you with more time to do more important things. What’s even better is that for the most part the videos are about 2-3 minutes long, depending on the square footage of the property and specific details that are highlighted. This means your customer doesn’t have to spend 10 minutes watching a lengthy video, instead they are virtually guided in an informational but swift manner.

Once we arrive on site, again depending on property size, it usually takes 45 minutes to an hour to complete the video. Our walk-through videos have a typical turnaround time of about a week. So ask yourself, would you rather invest spending an hour with us so you can share that same video with 20 clients, or would you spend an hour 20 times with each individual client for the showings? Time is money and if you’re spending 20 hours just hanging around the same empty house, that’s 20 hours that you’re not using to scout other locations (or soaking up the sun).

Let us help you do some simple math… take our quoted price (usually $220) and divide it by the amount of clients you show each house to (let’s say an average of 20). So 220 ÷ 20 = 11…. would you work for $11/hr ? That’s almost minimum wage!

Hey, your choice, we’re just here to help.

Shooting real estate with a drone

Sure, you can post your phone pictures on your Facebook page or realtor website of the house you’re selling, but so is everyone else. Question is, how do you make your listing stand out? By taking it to the next level, literally.

Let’s be honest here, if you’re not utilizing aerial photography and videos for your listing, you’re behind the competition. Drones are the new ‘it’ and they can do wonders for your listing. Utilizing aerial photography for real estate property can have a few advantages over just ground-level pictures.

First of all, show how big that property really is! This is amazing if the property has beautiful landscaping or sits on acres of land.
Second, show off that amazing roof, there is no other way to for the buyer to really see the condition of the roof other than being up there themselves. Drones solve this problem.
Third but not least, show off that size. When a buyer is standing in front of the house, they just see a flat wall that features windows and doors. Aerial images show how much space the house truly takes up. Ranch houses cover area while multi-level houses show mass.

Our next post will go into more details on how to combine aerial, exterior images with internal walk-through pictures and videos. Contact us for a free quote. We cover the northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin area including but not limited to:
Rockford, Freeport, Belvidere, Byron, Beloit, Janesville, Madison, Milwaukee, Elgin and Chicago.