KB Digital hired as official media for Fall For Rockford 2019

KB Digital hired as official media of the Fall For Rockford festival for second year in a row.
KB Digital and Fall For Rockford logos.

It’s official – for the second year in a row, KB Digital will be the official photo and video service for the Fall For Rockford festival in downtown Rockford.

Over 5,500 people attended the inaugural music festival in the forest city and this year that number is expected to be surpassed by quit a bit. Last year’s event was a huge success especially being something new to the area since the On The Waterfront festival discontinued back in 2019. The event is hosted by the River District Association of Rockford, which helps promote businesses and lifestyle within the downtown district.

KB Digital was there last year for the first ever Fall For Rockford to capture all the fun moments. Our end product was over 50 high-quality pictures and a couple different videos, including a 30-second teaser and a 2-minute showcase of the event. We are honored to be hired by the RDA again for the second year in a row to cover this fun fall festival and we’ll push ourselves to deliver an even better product this year. This year we plan to incorporate something new and different into our footage, which we believe will add just enough flare to the content.

We would like to thank the RDA and last year’s artists Adam Doleac , Julia Cole and Jay Allen for working with us and the amazing shout outs to Rockford, Illinois. For pictures from last year and additional information, please visit the links below. We can’t wait to kick-off FFR 2019!

2019 Rock River Anything That Floats Race

Somehow they stayed afloat.

What a Sunday! The 2019 Rock River Anything That Floats (RRATF) race couldn’t have picked a better day… even though the rain delayed the event a little. The river banks were filled with people cheering on the floats and the river was full of boats enjoying the competition from a different perspective.

Aerial view of boats and floats heading south on the Rock River.

Crowds cheered on as floats, if someone even qualified to be called that, made their way down the river from the Auburn Street bridge to downtown Rockford. Some of the float designs were minimal, while others were the size of several floats put together. Some of the more unique water crafts included: Thomas the Train, a red single-propeller plane, tiki hut, USS battleship, and a race car.

2019 Rock River Anything That Floats race in Rockford, IL.

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USA Ultimate Elite-Select Challenge

USA Ultimate Frisbee TCT Elite-Select Challenge in Rockford, IL
USA Ultimate Frisbee TCT Elite-Select Challenge in Rockford, IL

Yesterday we covered a sport that we never have before, ultimate frisbee. We showed up to the Indoor Sports Center in Rockford, Illinois, to find the soccer fields full of flying discs. No one explained the rules to us or what to capture but we just jumped into it.

The event was the Elite-Select Challenge of the Triple Crown Tour, governed by the USA Ultimate organization. The parking lots was full of cars with license plates from all over the United States. Once we made our way to the field, cameras in hand, we were thrown into a different world. KB Digital has covered countless soccer, football and basketball games, along with many others, but never ultimate frisbee. We soon realized how the game is played (or so we think) and that helped us better position ourselves to get better shots.

USA Ultimate Frisbee TCT Elite-Select Challenge in Rockford, IL
USA Ultimate Frisbee TCT Elite-Select Challenge in Rockford, IL

The field has two end zones, and the teams start off at opposing sides of the field. The disc is throw across the field and the receiving team then goes on the offense attack to get the frisbee into the opponents end zone. Simple but fun. While some people may not expect this sport to be extreme…. some of the dives we saw on that field caught us off guard. The players out there were diving to catch that disc and falling flat on their stomachs like it’s life or death. Kudos to ultimate players!

USA Ultimate Frisbee TCT Elite-Select Challenge in Rockford, IL
USA Ultimate Frisbee TCT Elite-Select Challenge in Rockford, IL

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Shooting Snoop Dogg in Rockford

Last night was one for the record books. KB Digital was front and center at the Snoop Dogg concert in Rockford, Illinois, which also featured Warren G and Bone Thugs-n-Harmony.

Snoop Dogg performs live in Rockford, IL.

It’s amazing being able to photograph big stars but it’s even better when that star is someone you grew up listening to. Snoop Dogg put on quite the show and the crowd just loved jamming out to the older hits. Ever tried taking pictures while telling your body not to dance? Yeah, it was one of those moments.

The beginning started off great, just a couple of us photographers in the media section between the barricades and the stage, but then it went down hill. Random people tried coming up front, some being ‘all-access’ pass holders, some just trying their luck and of course security wasn’t having any of it. Needless to say, they ruined it for everyone, even us authorized media personnel. That didn’t discourage us as we continued scouting the stadium for different angles, and we were not disappointed.

Snoop Dogg and Warren G on stage in Rockford, IL.

The hip-hop artists performed at the Rivets Stadium, technically located in Loves Park, but the Rivets are associated with Rockford. We were not able to obtain the exact attendance count but it seemed like quite the crowd. While Rockford may not have been a feature destination on Snoop’s tour list, it sure felt like it.

Spectacular fireworks light up the sky after Snoop Dogg’s set.

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