2019 Rock River Anything That Floats Race

Somehow they stayed afloat.

What a Sunday! The 2019 Rock River Anything That Floats (RRATF) race couldn’t have picked a better day… even though the rain delayed the event a little. The river banks were filled with people cheering on the floats and the river was full of boats enjoying the competition from a different perspective.

Aerial view of boats and floats heading south on the Rock River.

Crowds cheered on as floats, if someone even qualified to be called that, made their way down the river from the Auburn Street bridge to downtown Rockford. Some of the float designs were minimal, while others were the size of several floats put together. Some of the more unique water crafts included: Thomas the Train, a red single-propeller plane, tiki hut, USS battleship, and a race car.

2019 Rock River Anything That Floats race in Rockford, IL.

Check out our gallery for the full album of photos.

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