Rockford’s Amazing Sunset

KB Digital captures amazing thunderstorm sunset over Rockford, Illinois.

Did you see it?

Saturday night’s sunset over Rockford, Illinois was just breath-taking. We were in downtown right as the thunderstorm clouds moved in to cover the orange-red sky, creating a dynamic show up above us. As we were taking photos, we noticed everyone else stopping and gazing up into the sky. (We even did a live video on our Facebook page)

Getting the shot

We tried a couple different lenses and locations before we finally picked this one to publish. We might publish the other images later on, stay tuned. Of course, we had to scramble around because moments like this only last for a couple minutes before the shot is ruined. Now add in the factors of swapping lenses, trying different focal lengths, compositions, and exposures… yeah, it was something else. Nonetheless, we are very pleased with the final outcome.

We chose this one for a few reasons. First of all, the contrast between the dark blue clouds and the bright orange sky was amazing. The composition has the bridge ending right at the thirds intersection. The lights on the bridge finally turned on. The rocks on the left side establish a foreground. And last but not least, it was one of the longer exposures, smoothing out the water.

Camera on a tripod waiting for the perfect sunset moment.

All social

Immediately, images of the sky were flooding social media and we even Tweeted out our own instant picture that we took with a phone. However, this is the holy grail, that was only a preview to inform everyone to look up! Once we got to the studio and uploaded the pictures, it was just pure excitement and joy. You have no idea how hard it was to choose a final image. Speaking of social media, you should definitely make sure to stay connected with us on Facebook and Instagram.

One of our images even made it on Aaron Wilson’s forecast on 23 News during their 10 o’clock broadcast on CBS (WIFR).

KB Digital on 23 News with Aaron Wilson's weather report.

Also, don’t forget to share this with all your friends – show them the beauty that we have right here in the Stateline.

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