Quarantining a photographer

So you’re a photographer and pretty much everything around you is under quarantine – what do you do?


Well, lets first back track. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, by now you have heard about the Covid-19 outbreak, commonly referred to as coronavirus. This fatal disease has caused many countries around the world to go into a quarantine or complete lockdown. What this means is businesses are forced to close and the gathering of people in large groups is prohibited. You’re also supposed to keep your distance from others, known as social distancing.

What you can’t do

Well, some states have shut down all businesses except those who qualify under the “essential” category, like grocery stores and gas stations, etc.. You being a photographer, while no matter how amazing of images you produce, are not considered essential. Yes, this hurts our feelings as well! So, if you have a studio you most likely will have to shut it down. If you’re just freelancing and doing portraits here and there, well, technically you shouldn’t be doing that either. We’ve been seeing stories on photographers using long lenses (zoom lenses) to “distance” themselves from the models – that is not how it works folks! No photo session is worth your or your client’s health so please keep that in mind. Also, you could even get fined or arrested in some states with stricter quarantine rules.

What you can do

Being a photographer that usually means a person is creative, right? We tend to see things from a different perspective and make a boring snapshot look like an amazing photograph. Now, this all depends on where you live and what’s around you but the general idea still applies. If allowed, you can go for a walk and bring your camera with you. Not only will you be getting exercise and fresh air, but you’ll also be able to play with your camera. Take images of things you’ve never photographed before. If you’ve never done landscape, here’s your chance. You can try architecture, nature, animals, birds specifically, patterns – the list goes on and on. Use this time to practice and try new things.

Total lockdown

If you live in an area that’s on total lockdown, meaning you can’t even go out side for a walk, then you might be a bit limited but definitely not defeated. Believe it or not, there are still things you can do to keep your mind busy and even be productive. One activity you could do is finally go through your folders and clean out and delete unnecessary images taking up space on your computer. After you make some room on your computer then you can do task number two: transferring newer images off your memory cards to your computer. Another task you could do is organize and properly name all your files and folders. If that’s something that’s already taken care of then you can start processing your images, getting them ready to share on your website and/or social media. If all of those have been checked off by now, then you can work on your website and write blogs – it’s exactly what we’re doing right now!


  • Know your local rules and laws
  • Explore away from others
  • Try new photography methods
  • Delete old images
  • Transfer new images
  • Organize files and folders
  • Process images for social media
  • Write blogs

We hope you found this article helpful and informational. Share it with your photographer friends and keep them out of trouble. Stay healthy and safe everyone!

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Holiday lights in Rockford, Illinois by KB Digital

Winter wonderland in Rockford

Rockford, Illinois sure knows how to go all out for the holidays. While Chicago may get a lot of the national publicity being that it is a world-class city, Rockford puts on its own impressive showcase during the winter months. While Stroll on State is usually hailed as the major event, the light displays throughout the town last much longer and are a sight to see – oh and did we mentioned that they are completely FREE.

Holiday lights in Rockford, Illinois by KB Digital
Holiday lights in Rockford, Illinois by KB Digital

For this article, we’re concentrating solely on the light displays at the Nicholas Conservatory Gardens which sits on the Rock River just a couple miles north from the downtown area. Pulling into the parking lot you will see lots of lights and beautifully decorated trees but the real magic is behind the big glass building. On your way to the back is a path with lights arching above (pictured above) it and it sort of reminds us of those cartoon sketches where they go to a different universe through a portal covered by neon lights.

Holiday lights in Rockford, Illinois by KB Digital
Holiday lights in Rockford, Illinois by KB Digital

Once you make it through the portal path you will see the lagoon and the rest of the light displays. At this moment you are at a split and have to go either to the left or the right of the lagoon. Unfortunately, the path does not make a full circle (yet) around the lagoon but we hope this happens soon. We made our way to the right and captured the beautiful blue and violet colors, as seen in the picture above, reflecting on the frozen water. One section turned red right as we took the shot but we don’t mind it at all.

Holiday lights in Rockford, Illinois by KB Digital
Holiday lights in Rockford, Illinois by KB Digital

If you are to go to the left side (technically it’s more of a straight shot) the path leads you up the longer path alongside the lagoon. Again, beautiful colors follow the path as you make your way to the north side of the park. The picture above was taken at about a half way point and we did have to wait at least 10 minutes for the area to clear as hundreds of people were visiting that night.

So the only thing missing in this winter wonderland is the snow. Did you even notice that? However, we are definitely not complaining because being able to enjoy the beautiful displays without freezing temperatures definitely felt good. Also, we wouldn’t have gotten the amazing reflections off the frozen lagoon if it was covered with snow.

We’d love to hear from you! Have you ever been here or have we inspired you to visit it next year? Let us know in the comments below.