Real Estate shoot in Stillman Valley

Today was just a perfect day in northern Illinois and KB Digital had a beautiful, huge house to shoot. Our client is a repeat realtor with ReMax from Byron, IL, and always has amazing homes for us to do.

DSLR looking at the front of the house.

The house sat on several acres of land so not only did we utilize our professional DSLR camera, but also our drone as well. Being a mid-summer day, everything was so green and beautiful. Flowers were in full bloom and the big, blue pool in the backyard added the summer vibe to everything.

Drone hovering in front of the property.

Once we got the exterior of the house done, it was time to go inside. If you thought several aces, a huge pool and a 5-car garages was enough, you’d be surprised how much was inside. We had to make sure to cover it all, inside and out. The house featured 3 bathrooms, several bedrooms and a fully finished basement. The kitchen overlooks the back porch and the huge yard so we had lots of natural light coming in, but it also made it difficult to shoot into the windows.

Camera in the back of the house overlooking the pool.

At the end of the day, we spent over 2 hours at this property. We had so many pictures and video clips to transfer but better safe than sorry. Processing the images and putting the video together will take some time and we hope to have the final product up soon. If you need any real estate photography done for yourself or your business/client, please feel free to reach out to us.

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