Fall Photography

Picture perfect

The leaves are turning different colors, some are falling and covering the grass, the weather is perfect for cute hoodies – to some this is the perfect time for a photo shoot. Fall is one of those magical times of the year where everything can look like a movie scene. Now of course, this might depend on the geographic location but for the most part fall has its unique look and feel.

Plan for the shoot

Just because it’s beautiful outside doesn’t mean your photo session will be a walk through the park – well, metaphorically speaking. Like any other photo shoot, make sure to scout your locations (yes, more than one). Don’t just tell your client to meet you somewhere because you never know what could have happened since the last time you were there. This is also another reason why you should always have more than one location in mind for the photo shoot. Just like in life in general, it’s always good to have a Plan B.

Different looks

There are different stages of autumn when it comes to photography. You have the time in late August when temperatures usually start falling into the 70’s and people are comfortable wearing hoodies and sweatshirts, especially closer to sunset time – aka “golden hour”. Then you have mid-September when the leafs really start to turn colors and you can capture some splendid shots no matter where you are. This is a good time for wide shots to show off the colorful nature around your subject. And last but not least, the early to mid-October dates where leafs are usually on the ground by now. This scenery is perfect for lower shots of your subject(s). Think of a female model laying in the orange leafs or couples cuddling on the ground. Again, the dates could be a bit off depending on your geographical location so take it with a grain of salt.

Keep in mind

While everything can look amazing, you have to focus on the things that wont be in the pictures. Keep an eye out on the weather, because it can start raining out of nowhere. Also, remember that mosquitoes can be horrendous and will ruin your whole portrait session. Advise your models to bring bug spray, or if you want to seem amazing, bring some yourself and offer it to your models. Plan ahead when going to a spot that requires walking some distance to get to. If you’re heading out the day after it rained then you have to keep in mind that the trail might be flooded or muddy so you might not even be able to get to your destination. As always, think safety first and then think about the shot!

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Enjoy the beauty of autumn

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